Patterson Accounting Solutions LLC

The Ultimate Partner for Your Business 

Build your business while we handle the rest. We help small businesses maximize profits and minimize liabilities with our customized and innovative accounting solutions.

CFO Services for Growth

Prepare to see your business thrive through our professional guidance. Receive regular financial performance reports and actionable financial strategies.

Tax Preparation Expertise

Professional CPA services help make your job easier. Leave the bookkeeping and the tax prep process in the hands of someone you can trust.

Financial Statement Preparation

Seek technical counsel from a certified accountant. We can help streamline your audit processes and deliver timely results.

What we Do

Individual & Corporate Accounting Services

Business Tax Compliance 

Increase profit and meet your business goals with an optimized tax reduction performance from our high-impact tax planning strategies.

Business Consulting

Transform the way your business functions and see immediate results. Our advisory services include essential accounting functions to boost your efficiency and growth.  

Financial Statement Preparation

Save valuable time and effort during the audit process. Let our team get you audit-ready by compiling, reviewing, and preparing financial statements, reconciliations, and schedules.  

Business team working on digital gadgets
“Bryan and the team are amazing!! They are patient and explain everything. I highly recommend them!”
Jennifer Haynes

“Professional and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend”
Daniel Brooks

“Great personal service, you are more than just a number.”
Beau Cole

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Huntsville, AL 35801

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